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Techniques used for Self Exploration and Growth






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Emotional Release Counselling


Meditation and Body Focus


Voice Dialogue


Voice Dialogue


The course of our lives is determined, to a considerable extent, by an array of selves that live within each of us. These selves call out to us constantly – in our dreams and fantasies, in our moods and maladies, and in a multitude of unpredictable and inexplicable reactions to the world around us. The more sharply we become attuned to these inner voices, the more REAL choice we are able to exercise in the pursuit of our individual destinies.


There are times in our lives when we may experience conflicting voices within and feel quite confused. The magic of Voice Dialogue is that it accesses each sub-personality; and it does this in a way that is dramatically effective and frequently quite humorous. As each part has an opportunity to be heard and experienced, there is a free flow of energies and a greater sense of clarity.


Voice dialogue is used extensively by professional therapists and counsellors in the US, Europe and Australia and considered to be one of the most valuable and effective tools. It is not a practice in isolation, but a technique used in conjunction with other modalities. Voice dialogue has been developed by Drs Hal Stone and Sidra Stone, Jungian therapists, and authors of a number of books including “Embracing Ourselves” and “Embracing Each Other”.


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