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Techniques used for Self Exploration and Growth






Journal Writing




Emotional Release Counselling


Meditation and Body Focus


Voice Dialogue


Journal Writing


This process enables you to become your own counsellor. It is a method of working in one’s inner life, bringing a greater self-awareness along with personal and spiritual growth. Participants are shown a way to work towards healing memories from the past, to clarify current problems and to search out future direction for their lives.


Journal writing does not require literary skills – simply the desire to make the inner journey.


Participants might be seeking a tool to resolve painful issues and difficulties in their lives, but the process is not limited to problem solving. It can enable one to discover and explore his/her own creative potential.


Ira Progoff in “Depth Psychology and Modern Man” expresses so beautifully the basic belief that gives meaning and purpose to journal writing and to other processes for spiritual growth:


“As the oak tree lies hidden in the depths of the acorn, so the wholeness of human personality with its fullness of spiritual and creative capacities lies hidden in the depths of the incomplete human being silently waiting for its opportunity to emerge.”


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