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Enliven & Enrich Your Life

Sourcing the Wisdom of Your Own Inner Essence



Not Available at Present


Are you interested in partcipating in an insightful journey of

self-exploration, discovery and empowerment? 


This six day retreat offers you a unique blend of experiences supporting you to gain self-understanding, reclaiming parts of yourself that will enrich your life, freeing you to explore strategies that come from within you which allow for healthier life choices and the development of a more mature and whole human being.

The intention of this week is to respond creatively and sensitively

to the needs of each person.


During the week there will be opportunity to explore the depth of wisdom within you using various processes that includes:

Sandplay, Dreamwork, Holotropic Breathwork,

Symbol work, Body-Focused work, Meditation and

Integrative Practices such as

Art work, Journalling, Sharing circles, Mindfulness and Ritual

Don't have 6 days but

would still like to attend!!!!!!!!!!! 


You are strongly encouraged to attend the whole week.  It is an holistic program specifically designed to embrace all aspects of our being.  However, for those unable to commit to a 6 day retreat, you are offered the opportunity of attending one, two or three of the three sections within the week’s program. Preference will be given to those who are able to commit to the full program.


Summary of the Week's Program:








Cost: $720 including meals for 6 days or $120.00 per day. Accommodation: $50.00 per night

Contact Details: Melissa L’Estrange: Mobile: 04 4748 3399 or Email:


For Expressions of Interest please click on the contact button and leave your details.



Days 3 & 4


Body Focus Processes,

Creative Activity

Using Collage


Days 5 & 6

Holotropic Breathwork,

Sandplay &  

Integrative Processes 


Days 1 & 2

Symbol work,

Journaling Practices, Sandplay &

Mandala Drawing

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