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Level Two Training in Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapy


Level Two is conducted away from a training centre, however in order to enter Level Three Training, the requirements of Level Two must be met.  These are outlined below:


***Attendance at two 6 day training blocks offered by Melissa and Wendy during the eighteen months***

(Dates to be advised)


  • Level 2 Assessment Task 1:

Maintaining a personal journal and art journal and collage work.

See Unit Outline for further information.


  • Level 2 Assessment Task 2:

Your Journals provide provide the basis for a written summary of, and reflections upon, your Personal Journey since completion of Level One.

See Level 2 Assessment Task 2 Journal Summary in the Unit Outline for further information.


  • Level 2 Assessment Task 3:

Maintain the Personal Work Log documenting and providing evidence of ongoing group and individual work e.g. individual counselling sessions and/or attendance at group workshops with a TEP counsellor or a counsellor approved by Melissa and Wendy.  Log information is to include:

(a)  Dates of workshop;

(b)  Whether workshop or individual sessions;

(c)  The number of hours;

(d)  The facilitator's name and signature.


The log format and a list of approved facilitators are supplied. Contact with Melissa or Wendy is required to validate a workshop or session you may wish to attend if not on the list.

Completion of this requirement shows that the intending trainee is able to independently maintain their personal journey work.  The suggested number of hours for this component of requirements over 18 months is 100 hours.


  • Level 2 Assessment Task 4:

Research and write an extensive autobiography.  This is to be completed before the beginning of Level 3.  As it is the major assignment of the year it is very important that you are well underway early in Level 2.  This is an in-depth assignment requiring time for research and deep reflection.

See assignment description for further information.


  • Level 2 Assessment Task 5: (Optional)

A further option is to begin having supervision for work done with clients.  For those with no prior training (other than Level 1 TEP) or employment in a counselling position, the option is to attend public workshops and begin to develop the skills of becoming a self-reflective counsellor through:


(a)  Maintaining a journal specifically for this purpose;

(b)  Attending Supervision with a TEP-trained supervisor; and

(c)  Maintaining a log of client contact and supervision.


 For those with prior training already working in the counselling field, after discussion and approval by their trainer and supervisor, they may begin having supervision for their use of TEP with their clients, and maintain a log of client contact and supervision.

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