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Professional Development

Sandplay & Symbol Work

Professional Development Days



For Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Guidance Officers &

Others who work with Adults, Teenagers & Children


'One's role as therapist is to provide freedom, space, protection and empathy so that the twin urges toward health and growth can activate the process of healing and individuation.' Unknown


These Sandplay Workshops are experiential.  Participants will be engaging in Sandplay for their own interest, yet learning the process at the same time through experiencing it.  Dora Kalf, who pioneered and named this form of therapy, believed that it was important for Sandplay practitioners to be engaged in the process for their own personal development, thus learning about the process ‘from the inside’.


Most children and adults find Sandplay non-threatening and because of that they move into it easily. They soon begin to contact the deeper parts of themselves.


In these workshops, the method of using Sandplay and Symbol Work has evolved from the Jungian model.  It has incorporated Gestalt work and gained great freedom and further healing power through the methods of Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapy.



'A basic postulate of Sandplay Therapy is that deep in the unconscious there is an autonomous tendency, given the proper conditions, for the psyche to heal itself.  This work heals wound that have blocked normal development.  It is a prime facilitator of the individuation proves.'  Estelle Weinrib


Sandplay can be used to:

  • Discover more of one’s potential;

  • Explore and resolve a specific issue or crisis;

  • Deal with hurts;

  • Allow space to find a greater self-esteem;

  • Provide an avenue for expressing inner feeling, hopes, challenges and directions.



Melissa L’Estrange is a Director of Training in Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapy (TEP) and runs a training in TEP as well as having her own private practice which includes the use of Expressive Therapies such as Sandplay in her work with adults and children.  She has a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practices with the University of New England and is registered as a Clinical Practitioner and Supervisor with PACFA.  Melissa attended Sandplay Training with Ruth Ammann in 2004 and with Dr. Alexander Esterhuyzen in 2009 after participating in three of Lynette Fox’s Sandplay Trainings at the Portiuncula in Toowoomba.  Prior to the, Melissa worked within the education department for 18 years in early childhood and primary levels.

You are invited to participate in:


Intensive 1 day Experiential Trainings in

Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work


Presented by


Melissa L’Estrange


In each stand-alone, one-day program

participants are offered a timetable which includes:

  • Lectures on Sandplay related topics or
    a case study power point presentation

  • Experiential learning

  • Lecture notes and readings and

  • Supervision of Sandplay practice.


Dates & Topics:  

  1. To be decided: The Healing Power of Sand & Symbols

  2. To be decided - The Psychic Movement in Sandplay & Symbol Work

  3. To be decided -  Revealing of the Shadow in Sandplay: ‘One does not become enlightened by imaging figures of light but by making the darkness conscious’ – CG Jung


Sandplay therapy is a psychodynamic method informed by Jungian theory that is used with clients with a wide range presenting issues. The tools are simple, and include sand, a tray, and miniature figures, however, Sandplay includes techniques that must be learned both didactically and experientially in order to be implemented appropriately with clients.


Cost:    $120.00 for 1 day of training: Morning & Afternoon Tea are supplied. Please bring your own lunch.

Accommodation:  B & B available at $50.00 per night

Time:   9am – 5pm.  Registration at 8:30am

Venue: 31 Traverston Court PRESTON 4352

Closing Date for expression of interest is: Two Weeks prior to each workshop

What to Bring: Journal or notebook, biro, art pad and drawing material e.g. crayons, pencils etc., camera.

For those staying overnight: BRing your own towel and doona if very chilly

To Register or Enquiries: Contact:

  • Name: Melissa L’Estrange: Email: or Phone: 04 4748 3399

  • Notify her of:  (A) the Workshop Date you will be attending and

                            (B) if you require overnight accommodation.

  • Provide your Full Name; Phone Numbers; Email and Address.

  • Full payment to be made one week prior to the workshop via Direct Deposit to:

       Account Name:  Melissa L’Estrange   Bank: Heritage Bank

  1. BSB: 638-120    (2) Account No: 7750412      (3) Include your Initial and Surname e.g. M Smith


A Certificate of Attendance is provided for those who attend for the full time noting the 6 points of Professional Development Hours that will have been accrued.

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