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Counselling with Children

Melissa's intention when working with a child is to provide opportunities for him / her to work through difficult experiences, develop inner capacities and strengths, and to grow into the fullness of themselves and their gifts.  Her counselling approach with children is via play therapy.


In working via therapeutic play, the therapy process is child-centred with the direction of the session governed by the child. It is child-centred and child-directed. Thus, any discussions are raised spontaneously by the child. Once the child raises a topic, the therapist/counsellor may ask clarifying questions or open questions to allow the child to take the discussion as far as they wish.


Play in this context is seen as both a natural mode of expression for a child, as well as an avenue to explore and ultimately resolve internal tensions, conflicts, and difficulties, etc. Furthermore, play allows a less threatening, indirect approach, whereby toys, games, stories, Sandplay, and art, can support the child to project both internal and external experiences, and work through them without becoming overwhelmed as might happen with a more direct confrontation.


More direct explorations will always be initiated by the child and ended by the child, as they are ready to do so.


Appointments are usually of one hour duration.


Individual Counselling Sessions Fees:

$75 per hour up to $110 for extended times 

$60 per hour for Concession Card Holders


For booking an appointment or making enquiries:

Contact: Melissa L'Estrange

Mobile: 04 4748 3399


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