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Counselling with Individuals


Our pathway in life can at times be difficult and painful.  During these times we can feel lost, bewildered, disempowered, empty and abandoned.  Life is full of transitions and whether we have sought them or not, they call for us to change - to let go of old and familiar ways of being - as we begin the journey into a different paradigm.   


Experiences such as these impact upon us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  They can bring to the surface similar experiences from the past that are looking for resolve and healing. 


Challenges can and do, in time, present us with potentially positive experiences e.g. opportunities to live a more fulfilling, meaningful and empowered life that reflects more of our potential and the essence of our more authentic self.  However, prior to this, we are usually called to work with the feelings, thoughts and reactions that are presently within us and impacting upon our way of being in the world.


At times like these, it can help to have someone support you to gain more clarity around who 'you' are, separate from the presenting issue or problem, and to identify the processes of change required to integrate your experiences in a healthy way.


During a session a client experiences a wide range of processes to bring support, understanding and clearer energy to their current life issues. Once experienced and learnt, the processes used within a session become the client's own tools for maintaining and supporting their journey outside the counselling session. 


Adults may need short term counselling during periods of crisis or stress or long term for ongoing personal growth, support and accompaniment.


Individual Counselling Sessions Fees:

$75 per hour up to $110 for extended times 

$60 per hour for Concession Card Holders


For booking an appointment or making enquiries:

Contact: Melissa L'Estrange

Mobile: 04 4748 3399



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