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Techniques used for Self Exploration and Growth







Journal Writing




Emotional Release Counselling


Meditation and Body Focus


Voice Dialogue


Transpersonal & Experiential Psychotherapy (TEP)


Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapy promotes self-awareness, creativity and the emergence of your authentic self.  Knowledge of, experience with and trust in your authentic self stabilises your capacity to be in relationship with your own self and others, and to live in and actively contribute to a dynamically changing society.


Transpersonal  Therapy looks at the crises, illnesses, pain, fear or loss we experience in life as opportunities to examine ones’ life, to heal and for growth.  Melissa’s training in and personal experience with Transpersonal Therapy has provided her with a deep understanding of and appreciation for its holistic approach which values and addresses the interconnectedness of a person’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  She trusts and respects Transpersonal Therapy’s capacity to support the client to more fully develop their potential as a human being consciously in relationship with themself, others and their environment. 


Transpersonal  Therapy

  • Combines mainstream counselling theory with the Transpersonal Model;

  • Provides a safe, respectful and supportive therapeutic response for a wide range of people experiencing challenging life issues;

  • Supports people to find meaning, healing and growth while in life's transitions and crisis;

  • Uses techniques to invoke heightened states of awareness in which people discover their own inner wisdom, guidance, clarity and direction and in doing so, transforms apparent breakdowns into breakthroughs;

  • Has a deep reverance and belief in the client's autonomous tendency - given the proper conditions - to heal itself;

  • Honours a person's spiritual beliefs; &

  • Acknowledges and respects that each person's psyche has its own timing and logic for the healing process.

TEP is an eclectic model that has a core set of underpinning principles guiding the therapist's work with you.

Transpersonal  Therapy includes:
Holotropic Breathwork; Sandplay; Journalling Writing; Dreamwork; Emotional Release Counselling; Body focussed work; Voice dialogue; Art and creative work; Meditation; Movement and dance; and other supportive practices

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