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I look at supervision as something to look forward to; a learning opportunity; a process that is empowering, affirming and productive of change.  


For Professional Counsellors and Therapists


Supervision is a safe, uninterrupted space in which you experience a relationship of trust that is supportive of honest reflection and the exploration of your work with clients, supervisees and workplace issues.  A space in which you can celebrate successes, honour the challenges and acknowledge the disappointments in your work. 


A respectful, non-judgemental supervisory alliance is both collaborative and interactive.  It enables open discussions on professional issues and engages in constructive challenging when required.  


Engaging in supervision:

  • Deepens the supervisee's undertanding of processes that have been engaged in so that they may gain new insights;

  • Develops ideas for possible future directions for therapy with their client;

  • Identifies areas where knowledge and skills may need development;

  • Deepens the supervisee's understanding of their own process; &

  • Helps the supervisee to become aware of areas of counter-transference.


Supervision is based on a negotiated agreement (the supervision contract) and requires commitment, time and energy. 




Individual Supervision Fees

Professional/Clinical Practitioners - $110

Students/New Graduates - $60                   


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