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 Transpersonal Holotropic Breathwork Workshops 


Dates Unavailable at present due to Covid -

please contact Melissa


Melissa L’Estrange is delighted to be offering creative, small-group-based days of self-discovery using Holotropic Breathwork TM.


What is Holotropic Breathwork?  The name Holotropic means moving towards wholeness. Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and awareness facilitated by an accredited Trainer of the Grof Transpersonal Training.


How: In a safe setting the participant, whilst lying down on a mat, uses an accelerated breathing process and evocative music.This process supports the participant's access to a 'non-ordinary-state-of-consciousness' (NOSC).  NOSC activiate the innate inner healing process or intelligence of an individual's psyche.  This intelligence brings to the journeyer their own individual and unique internal experience to support their healing and movement towards wholeness.


The workshops are open to anyone interested in doing deep personal work, and no prior experience is necessary. They offer participants the opportunity to experience Holotropic Breathwork as a single event, or to deepen their personal journey on a regular, ongoing basis.


An introductory interview prior to participating in a Breathwork Session is a pre-requisite for newcomers.

Upon receipt of the Registration Form, Medical Form and Confirmation of Payment an appointment time will be made with you for the interview which will be via Skype or phone.


Workshop Details:

Accredited Grof Transpersonal Training Facilitator: Melissa L'Estrange

Where: 'The Centre' 31 Traverston Court PRESTON QLD 4352

Dates: Not available at present - please ring if interested and opportunities will be discussed

Time: Please arrive by 8.15am for an 8.30am start. The workshop ends at 8.30pm.


Program: The workshop will commence with an Introductory Opening Circle, followed by a 3 hour Breathwork session, lunch, a second 3 hour Breathwork session, dinner, and the Closing Share Circle. There will be ample time to begin personal integration work through art, journal writing, and sharing.


What to bring for Breathwork Session: 1 set single sheets for Breathwork, 2 towels, eyeshades for those who may be light sensitive, loose clothing, drawing materials & journal


Accommodation: Basic accommodation is available at The Centre or there is affordable accommodation in nearby motels.  Participants who are staying at The Centre are welcome to arrive and stay on the Friday evening prior to the commencement of the workshop and also on the Saturday evening after the Breathwork Workshop.   Please bring your own linen if staying overnight.  You will require single bed sheets, pillowslips and towels.  There is a quantity of blankets available however.  For Winter especially, you may prefer to bring your own doona.

Food:  For those staying overnight there will be a light breakfast available (Cereals, Fruit, Toast etc) or bring something that suits your own dietary needs.

           For all: morning and afternoon teas, lunch and dinner is provided.  A selection of meats, vegetarian fare and salad foods will be served.  If you have special dietary needs please bring your own food. 



  • $150.00.

  • $50.00 per night for accommodation & breakfast at The Centre.

Please note:

This workshop is not appropriate for pregnant women or for persons with cardiovascular problems, severe hypertension, severe mental illness, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy. It is not compatible with the use of illegal drugs. Minimum age is 18 years.


Contact Melissa L’Estrange at least 2 weeks  prior to the workshop if you are interested in attending. 

Registration Form and Medical Forms to be completed and returned to her prior to the workshop.

Melissa L'Estrange: Phone: 04 4748 3399 or Email to:


*Please note: a minimum of 4 participants must be enrolled for the workshop to convene. Maximum participants per workshop is 10.


For expressions of interest contact Melissa L'Estrange


For More about the Holotropic Breathwork Process 


Dr Stanislav Grof is the primary developer of the Holotropic Breathwork process.


Holotropic Breathwork allows us to access and heal repressed traumatic occurrences from our past. Many decide to participate in a breathwork workshop simply to have the experience. Some are curious, and a friend's enthusiastic recommendation further whets their interest. Sometimes the participant gets more from a session than he expected!


How are early memories accessed in a holotropic breathwork session? Combining an accelerated breathing cycle with appropriately evocative music results in a heightened state of consciousness, which is a catalyst for memories and clear visions to flow automatically.  During the holotropic breathwork sessions, sensory perceptions are clearer than usual, a feeling of transcending normal space occurs as one can become transported to an earlier time and place. A feeling of "oneness" with all of creation is also a common perception among participants. Often, psychosomatic symptoms become lessened over time.


During a breathwork session, it is not uncommon to experience past events in our lives from the beginnings of our conception, during gestation and on, including later hurts from childhood. An important healing phase of breathwork can be the re-living such traumas in a supportive and nurturing environment and becoming aware of how this original experience is in some way repeated throughout our lives as that part of us is looking for healing. Within Breathwork, there is opportunity for the Breather to feel and express deep emotion as he/she is returned to a period of their infancy or childhood when repressed hurtful incidents relating to deprived need, humiliation, fear and other painful traumas occurred.  However, in Breathwork, material from happy experiences is also be accessed.


During the breathwork experience one can access the transpersonal realm. These experiences include, but are not limited to, seemingly re-living aspects of one's prior lives, of becoming the essence of an inanimate object, of living the evolution of animal and plant species, of meeting historial figures from the past and of events, such as out-of-body experiences -- some of which might seem to be too incredible at first to be accepted as real -- even by the participants themselves!  These experiences usually offer wisdom and understanding beyond a participant's normal experience and comprehension which supports and informs them in their present situation.


The above information came from in Kylea Taylor's book, The Breathwork Experience: Exploration and Healing in Nonordinary States of Consciousness, Hanford Mead Publishers, Santa Cruz, California, 1994, pp. 172.  This book includes short chapters on how holotropic breathwork can help heal post-traumatic stress, childhood sexual abuse, multiple personality disorder, and the behaviorial and chemical addictions.

After having described the deepest and most powerful form of psychotherapy imaginable, the author declares that breathwork is, nonetheless, not therapy and does not fall into the purview of the practice of psychology! She prefers calling it an "educational enrichment program," or "a spiritual exploration experience."

As for doing breathwork alone, the author says that it is not recommended. The presence of a facilitator or sitter makes access so much easier and the author writes that even experienced practitioners invariably choose to have a sitter for their sessions. However, she writes that one may combine holotropic breathwork with other forms of psychotherapy, especially those which support the process.

The Breathwork Experience includes sections dealing with similarities and differences between holotropic breathwork and other experiential techniques, a listing of addresses of organizations and centers and video and audiotapes which are available for purchase. The book ends with a short chapter by Stanislav and Christina Grof which outlines the theoretical principles of holotropic breathwork. Additional material includes the requirements for becoming Certified Holotropic Breathwork Practioners.


For further information on the Breathwork Process and Workshop please contact:

Melissa L'Estrange: Phone: 04 4748 3399


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