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Emotional Release Counselling


Emotional Release Counselling (ERC) is a unique blend of personal growth and counselling methods developed in Australia since 1980. It includes a range of experiential approaches that explore the hidden causes behind the conflicts in our lives. It also helps us access our full potential and awakens our inherent spiritual nature. These approaches cooperate with the natural movement within our psyche towards wholeness – the process Jung called ‘individuation’.






Techniques used for Self Exploration and Growth






Journal Writing




Emotional Release Counselling


Meditation and Body Focus


Voice Dialogue


As a full emotional life is the foundation for growth of the human spirit, ERC uses a number of modalities to help us become aware of the underlying emotional causes of present problems. Many of these underlying causes are from the past and are not obvious. They have a negative effect on the way we live our lives, often causing unfulfilling, and even destructive, emotional and lifestyle patterns.


In emotional release work, these old feelings, along with present reactions, can be fully felt, mobilised, expressed and released safely. This results in a new inner connection to self and a clearer, more direct, relationship to those around us.


ERC brings a reconnection between body, mind and feelings, and can support the innate healing potential of each person. The processes have been developed from an expanded understanding of the human psyche that is in tune with modern day research as well as ancient spiritual systems.


The modalities described in this information section will at times include ERC.


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