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Discovering Insight with Rob Foster20190

Meet Rob ……….

A dedicated student of life......


Robert John Foster is a qualified therapist, teacher and event facilitator with 35 years experience in transforming lives.  His intention is to deeply benefit others while creating a platform for positive change and healing on the planet.



Rob teachers worldwide in service to all beings and believes every human is capable of living a life filled with love, wealth, happiness peace, passion and purpose.  He is a husband, father and friend to many, each day he reminds others that we are all happiest and most fulfilled when our essential purpose includes benefitting others.

Supporting individuals, organisations and communities to realise their infinite potential for the benefit of all is what gets Rob out of bed each day.  His teachers, a life long dedication to learning, a daily practice and working to benefit others are the motivating forces in his life.


Rob's teachings are non-denominational and offer support, healing and clarity to all.

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