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Sandplay is becoming universally accepted as a powerful technique for accessing unconscious factors that affect behaviour.

Sandplay therapy has come from the Jungian Institute in Zurich. It consists of “playing” in the sand and may include the use of minatures or symbolic objects in a small sandtray. It is suitable for adults and children. It allows free rein to the imagination and is a wonderful way of exploring the unconscious.

It is non-threatening therapeutic tool which can open up new awareness and different perspectives on life’s problems.

Our method of using Sandplay and Symbol Work has evolved from the Jungian model. It has incorporated Gestalt work and gained great freedom and further healing power through the methods of Emotional Release Counselling.


Most children and adults find Sandplay non-threatening and because of that they move into it easily. They soon begin to contact deeper parts of themselves.


Sandplay is especially valuable in owning shadow aspects of oneself, i.e. those parts that one is not in touch with – these may be not only painful areas, but also the positive potential that is waiting to express itself in outer life.

Sandplay can be used to:

  • Discover more of one’s potential;

  • Deal with hurts;

  • Explore and resolve a specific issue or crisis;

  • Allow space to find a greater self esteem;

  • Provide an avenue for expressing inner feelings, hopes, challenges, directions.


Source Counselling offers training in sandplay studies.




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