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The Indian Wedding Vase


The two spouts represent two individual lives connected by the single handle forming the shape of a circle of life and symbolising the union of these two lives in relationship.   The clay material from which it has been created speaks of the nourishment, support and energy received from the earth.  The rounded belly of the vase is representative of a pregnant belly full of possibility for growth and new life created by being two individuals in a nourishing relationship.

Counselling for Couples


Individuals within a couple relationship are generally hoping for a strong and healthy emotional bond with another in which a mutual experience of love and connection are enjoyed.  In intimate relationships we need to know that we can trust the other, that we matter, are cherished and a priority to them. To feel close, safe and emotionally connected with another is a basic need of human nature and healthy human development.


Being in relationship as a couple is a complex and challenging committment. It requires constant conscious attention.  Few of us have the knowledge or have been taught how to have a satisfying and healthy relationship - we expect it to happen automatically!  


Most couples experience challenges at some point in their relationship and it is not unusual to feel as if you have lost that 'loving feeling' and sense of connection with your partner or even, lost yourself in your relationship.  Where once you were happy ............. painful and confusing difficulties can emerge, creating worry, stress and depression. 


The majority of problems in relationships develop from poor communication and a disconnected emotional bond between the couple.  Your relationship and your part in it can tell you much about yourself. No relationship issue is all one person’s fault, as relationships are a dynamic process with two people involved.


In times of conflict, the emotional bond in the relationship becomes insecure.  People  respond with hurtful behavious driven by a need to protect their vulnerability. Unconscious relationship patterns developed early in life are automatically triggered e.g.  our behavior reflects this when we criticize or blame another or isolate ourselves, by withdrawing physically and emotionally. With conscious awareness brought to bear on damaging patterns of behaviour, we develop a greater capacity to disengage from what were once automatic responses, and acquire the skills to self-regulate and make more informed and life-giving choices.


In couples work, couples learn and develop communication and mindfulness skills.  The health of their emotional bond is explored and the origins of hurtful behaviors uncovered. Couples work calls for an open heart and mind and, a willingness to be present to what you are feeling and the capacity to be mindful of your own needs.


Couples Counselling Sessions Fees:

$120 per one & a Half Hours 

$90  for Concession Card Holders


For booking an appointment or making enquiries:

Contact: Melissa L'Estrange

Mobile: 04 4748 3399







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